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Jams & Chocolate Cream

Bonnex provides a great selection of delicious jams and a tasty chocolate cream spread to the foodservice industry. All jams have a very high fruit content ranging from 40-50% and are made in Germany.

Our selection includes Strawberry, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Raspberry, Three Fruits, Orange, Peach, Blueberry and of course Hazelnut chocolate cream! All our jams are gluten free. 


Jams & chocolate cream are supplied in practical, easy to use 650gm pouches and changing a pouch is a simple and fast operation as can be seen in the video tutorials below. Packaged in PE bags, the jams remain fresh without needing to be refrigerated and are dispensed with zero leakage, waste or mess. All this, with the simple press of a lever!

Our German made dispensers are available in single, triple and five tap varieties. The dispensers are made available on a "Free-On-Loan" basis for qualifying accounts (Hong Kong & Macau only).

Single Tap Dispenser Dimensions:  

W 20cm, H 33cm, D 29cm

Triple Tap Dispenser Dimensions:  

W 36.5cm, H 33cm, D 29cm

Five Tap Dispenser Dimensions:  

W 55cm, H 33cm, D 29cm

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650gm Jam Pouch

Video Tutorials
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