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Waffle Mix

Waffles have been a popular buffet item among guests for a long time. Bonnex Limited is a supplier of waffle mix and waffle machines to the Hong Kong and Macau markets with many hotels using our Waffle King® waffle mix.


Waffle King® waffle mix is high quality mix at a very competitive price. 

Our "just add water" mix makes life simple for operators in a fast paced environment. Additionally our Waffle King® waffle mix or can be used in the more conventional way by adding  butter to the mixing process.

The mix comes packaged as 10 x 1.33 kg bags to a box and is extremely easy to prepare. Simply add the water, whisk and let rest for 3 minutes. Repeat this process a second time then ladle onto a 220°C waffle iron. Approximately 1.6Kg of cooked is produced from each bag. 


Wet mix can be held at ambient temperature for up to 8 hours and can be refrigerated over night. The dry mix is shelf stable for 12 months.

We make hotel grade waffle irons available as a "Free-On-Loan" item to approved customers (Hong Kong & Macau only). 

Ozti WKM25 Dimensions:  

W 30cm, H 30cm, D 32cm



Stainless Steel Body with Heat-resistant handles

Standard 230V, 50Hz, 2200W / Single Phase power

CE approved

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Ozti WKM25

Waffle King Waffle Mix

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