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Established in 2009, Bonnex Limited is a Hong Kong based distributor of various foods and food equipment. Our focus is to bring new and innovative products and solutions to the foodservice industry, by offering exclusive solutions for hotel buffets.

Bonnex offers much of the equipment such as the Popcake® machine, waffle machine and jam and chocolate dispensers, to approved customers on a "Free-On-Loan" basis. "Free-On-Loan" options are currently only available in the Hong Kong & Macau markets.


All of our equipment is regularly serviced and maintained by ourselves and our service partner Catering Depot and we are proud to say that Bonnex has long-standing relationships with industry professionals in Hong Kong & Macau, earning a reputation for innovation and excellence in customer service. 

While we currently service the Hong Kong and Macau markets, we’re constantly looking to expand our reach into other areas of Asia and the Middle East.  If you are interested in becoming a sub-distributor of our products and solutions in your region, please phone Mr. Stephen Law on (O) +852 3572 0823 or (M) +852 6468 5848 or alternatively email us  at

Dean Gagliardi 

(Managing Director)​

Some of the biggest names in Hong Kong & Macau using our products

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