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Manufactured by bees, honeycomb slabs are taken directly from hives and are naturally full of delicious honey.


The moment your guests enter the buffet area they'll be amazed by this wonder of nature. Their faces will light up from the experience that comes from tasting fresh honeycomb!


For presentation, the honeycomb slab is surrounded by a wooden frame which is then placed upon a stainless steel display (provided). The stainless steel display is very easy to clean under running water or simply put into a dishwasher. For safe storage of the product at the end of the service, the operator can put the honeycomb into the custom plastic tub that we provide with every purchase. This will ensure the honeycomb stays fresh & attractive for the next day.

Guests can scoop honeycomb straight from the slab using a spoon or place a small bowl under the spout of the stainless steel display tray and let the honey drizzle straight into it. There is zero wastage for the operator.


A small instructional display card is also included that provides simple to understand information for the guest on using the product. 

Please watch the video below to learn more about our honeycomb.

Honeycomb Display Dimensions:  

W 45cm, H 28cm, D 26cm

3Kg Per Comb Slab


8 Combs

Stainless Steel Display

Instructional Card

Storage Box

Plastic Tub

Download Brochure


Video Tutorial
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