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Yogurt Machine

The Italian made SPEEDY PLUS COLD yogurt machine  by Bonnex Limited dispenses your favourite yogurt and maintains it  at a constant temperature (+ 10° / -10°), controlled by a special digital electronic thermostat.

The unit contains a 5L stainless steel tank which is placed inside the refrigerated section of the machine. The tank is fully removable for easy cleaning and storage as can be seen in the videos below.

Dispensing yogurt is simple process for the guest  by  pressing a “TOUCH” button located on the touch screen display at the front of the unit. As soon as you move your finger from the “TOUCH” key, the machine stops dispensing. The SPEEDY PLUS COLD can deliver a maximum quantity of approximately 125 gr. with prolonged press of the button.

We do not sell yogurt or yogurt related ingredients just the actual SPEEDY PLUS COLD yogurt machine itself. 

Bonnex Limited recommends pairing the Yogurt Machine with our jam & chocolate dispensers so guests can enjoy fresh natural yogurt with a selection of delicious toppings.


W 20cm, H 43cm, D 45cm

220V Standard Single Phase power

5L Capacity

Stainless Steel tank

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Yogurt Machine

Video Tutorial
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